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Conferences contributions for 2018

[1]Kalyan Yoti Mitra, Sunil Kapadia, Maxim Polomoshnov, Ralf Zichner, Reinhard R. Baumann: "An overview on the development of Inkjet printed thin-film-transistors based on materials, architectures, deposition technology as function of performance, reliability and their implementation in flexible electronics", IMI Inkjet Development Conference, Frankfurt, Germany, 17.04.2018 - 18.04.2018, 2018. URL:
[1]Dana Mitra, Tatiana Zubkova, Carina Gerlach, Dominique Miesel, Olfa Kanoun, Heinrich Lang, Reinhard R. Baumann: "Inkjet printing and intense pulsed light (IPL) sintering of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) for sensor applications", LOPEC 2018, Munich, Germany, 14.03., 2018. URL:
[2]Sunil Kapadia, Kalyan Y. Mitra, Dinesh Challa, Reinhard. R. Baumann: "Implementation of all-inkjet-printed vertical stack thin-film transistors suitable for flexible electronic applications", LOPEC 2018, Munich Messe, Munich - Germany, 15.03.2018, 2018. URL:
[3]Christian Zeiner, Maxim Polomoshnov, Maik Müller, Enrico Sowade, Armin Günther, Norbert Neumann, Tobias Seifert, Thomas Blaudeck, Sascha Hermann, Maik Wiemer, Thomas Walter Otto, Reinhard R. Baumann: "Inkjet printing of patterned nanocarbon absorber layers for pyroelectric infrared detectors", Smart Systems Integration 2018, Dresden, April 2018, 2018. URL:
[1]Christian Zeiner, Tatiana Zubkova, Prof. Dr. Reinhard R. Baumann: "Inkjet and gravure-ptinted conductive patterns on PU-based technical textiles", LOPEC 2018, Munich Messe, Munich - Germany, 14.03.2018, 2018. URL:
[2]Sunil Kapadia, Kalyan Yoti Mitra, Reinhard R. Baumann: "An overview on the alternative fabrication routes and novel functional materials to improve performance of the all-inkjet-printed thin-film-transistors suitable for flexible electronic application", 41st International Spring Seminar on Electronics Technology - ISSE 2018 "Research and Development Tendencies in Advanced Electronics Technologies" , Zlatibor, Serbia, May 16–20, 2018, 2018. URL:

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