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Department of Digital Printing and Imaging Technology

Welcome to the Department of Digital Printing and Imaging Technology

Head of the Department: Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Reinhard R. Baumann "Today's printers are equipped with advanced technologies to produce high-quality print products which are solely made to be recognized by the human visual sense. Future printed products will be equipped with functionalities beyond color, e.g. electrical conductivity and semiconductivity, optimized porosity or even electric power. With those functionalities they will be able to perceive their surroundings and their own state, save these data and communicate them via computer networks with other members of the "internet of things". The key for suitable industrial manufacturing equipment for these "printed smart objects" is the interdisciplinary development of complex inks, manufacturing processes and machine systems with integrated digital manufacturing technologies."

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Reinhard R. Baumann

News and Events in 2015


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

12 / 2015 > National >

The team of Baumann Printing Research wishes all of our partners and students a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We thank you for all your support and trust in the year 2015 and we look forward to continuing these successful cooperations. Source:

Autumn School on Printed Functionalities 2015

10 / 2015 > International >

More than 10 attendees participated from 8 nations and gained the knowledge about Printed Electronics and Functionalities at our 3rd Workshop "Autumn School on Printed Functionalities 2015" which was coupled this time with the International Scientific Conference on Print and Media Technology for junior scientists and PhD students "Printing Future Days 2015". The workshop was a great success reflecting the interest of international participation and the eagerness to learn and share knowledge.

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Reinhard R. Baumann earned the Fellow status of the IS&T 2015

10 / 2015 > International >

In recognition of outstanding achievements in imaging science and engineering Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Reinhard R. Baumann (Technische Universität Chemnitz/Fraunhofer ENAS) was elevated to the Fellow status of the IS&T for his leadership in the advancement of novel digital and analog printing technologies. Goeff J. Woolfe (Canon Information Systems Research Australia Pty Ltd.) handed over the award to him at the this years Digital Fabrication and Digital Printing NIP31.

Printing Future Days 2015, Chemnitz, Germany, October 05-07

10 / 2015 > International >

More than 100 attendees enjoyed the unique platform for scientific exchange and networking. With more than 30 oral presentations from both, young as well as recognized senior scientists and industry experts and additional 15 poster presentations, the Printing Future Days 2015 became a remarkable event.

Buenos Aires, Argentina: Nanomercosur 2015 and project preparation meeting at INTI

10 / 2015 > International >

Enrico Sowade was invited to give a presentation on the topic ‘Printing beyond color - manufacturing of smart objects‘ on the Nanomercosur 2015 conference in Buenos Aires and on ‘Process development for functional layers and devices based on printing technologies‘ at INTI.

Matthew Glasstone, guest researcher from the USA

7 / 2015 > International >

Matt Glasstone graduaded from George Washington University in Washington, DC, USA with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. In fall, he will continue with his Master studies in Advanced Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College London, UK. During his semester break, he gains some practical knowledge in printing at the Baumann Printing Research Group.

Manuela Grelich, Maciej Woloszka and Tomasz Gos, guest researcher from Poland

7 / 2015 > International >

Manuela Grelich, Maciej Woloszka and Tomasz Gos are Bachelor students from Wroclaw University of Technoloy. They were chosen to be in Chemnitz through the program of internships for bachelor, masters and PhD students, realized within Human Capital Operational Programme of European Union. They will be working in the field of printed OLEDs during their 3 month stay.

OE-A Elects New Board of Directors

6 / 2015 > International >

New OE-A board represents the entire international value chain of organic and printed electronics.

Helligkeit aus dem Drucker

5 / 2015 > National >

SIOD GbR, ein Gründungsteam der Professur Digitale Drucktechnologie und Bebilderungstechnik, erhält Chemnitzer „Start-up-Paket“ für Unternehmensgründer

Ana Moya Lara, guest researcher from Spain

4 / 2015 > International >

Ana Moya Lara from the Biomedical Application’s Group of the Microelectronics Institute of Barcelona (IMB-CNM, CSIC) is going to be a guest researcher in the Baumann Printing Research group for four month. Ana is carrying out practical inkjet printings tests in the frame of her doctoral thesis related with the development of sensors for the online monitoring of cell culture functions in an Organ-on-Chip.

Guest scientist from China at Baumann Printing Research

4 / 2015 > International >

Dr. Jinju Chen is a guest scientist at the Department of Digital Printing and Imaging Technology. She intends to stay until February 2016 and aims to do research in the field of inkjet printing technology as well as roll-to-roll printing. Dr. Chen is working at the School of Microelectronic and Solid-State Electronics, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China in Chengdu ( which is located in the southwest of China, province Sichuan. She plans to introduce the topic of printed electronics at her department.

LOPEC 2015, Munich, Germany, March 03-05

3 / 2015 > International >

Prof. Dr. Reinhard R. Baumann is Session Chair. Presentations are held by Monique Helmert and Kalyan Yoti Mitra.

Call for Papers: Konferenz und Workshop zu Farb- und Funktionsdruck

3 / 2015 > International >

Nachwuchswissenschaftler aus der Druck- und Medienbranche können bis zum 15. März 2015 Beiträge für die Konferenz der "Printing Future Days" einreichen

581. Wilhelm und Else Heraeus-Seminar Flexible, Stretchable and Printable High Performance Electronics

1 / 2015 > International >

Enrico Sowade was invited to hold a presentation on the topic ‘Inkjet printing of thin-film transistors on flexible substrates‘.


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