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Department of Digital Printing and Imaging Technology

Welcome to the Department of Digital Printing and Imaging Technology

Head of the Department: Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Reinhard R. Baumann "Today's printers are equipped with advanced technologies to produce high-quality print products which are solely made to be recognized by the human visual sense. Future printed products will be equipped with functionalities beyond color, e.g. electrical conductivity and semiconductivity, optimized porosity or even electric power. With those functionalities they will be able to perceive their surroundings and their own state, save these data and communicate them via computer networks with other members of the "internet of things". The key for suitable industrial manufacturing equipment for these "printed smart objects" is the interdisciplinary development of complex inks, manufacturing processes and machine systems with integrated digital manufacturing technologies."

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Reinhard R. Baumann

News and Events in 2012


Call for Papers is now open!

12 / 2012 > National >

Researchers are invited to submit their abstracts for the 40th International Research Conference of iarigai and the 5th Printing Future Days until 15th February 2013.

We invite you to the “Chemnitzer Seminare” at Fraunhofer ENAS!

11 / 2012 > National >

We invite all interested people to the "15th Chemnitzer Seminare" at Fraunhofer ENAS on 11th December 2012 starting at The main focus is on the topics "material development for functional printing", "technologies for the materials deposition", "printed functionalities" and "hybrid electronics". It is organized by the Department of Printed Functionalities.

Teerawat Piromjitpong leaved Chemnitz

9 / 2012 > International >

The visiting Bachelor student Teerawat Piromjitpong left the Baumann Printing Research group after a 5-months stay and returns back to Thailand

Awards, awards, awards …

9 / 2012 > International >

Ralf Zichner won the Best Poster Award on the “ICFPE“ in Tokyo with his poster about “R2R Screen Printed RFID Transponder Antennas for Vehicle Tracking Systems”. Only 4 days later Michael Espig won the Best Poster Award on the conference “Digital Fabrication 2012“ in Quebec with his interactive presentation about ” Central challenges when up-scaling the manufacturing of thin film battery applications”. Congratulations!

Ljubljana hand over the baton to Chemnitz

9 / 2012 > International >

This year‘s IARIGAI conference takes place in Ljubljana. There the baton will be handed over to the Organizing Committee from Chemnitz for 2013.

“Humboldianer” at Baumann Printing Research

8 / 2012 > National >

Guest researcher Dr. Hyunkyoo Kang from Konkuk University of Seoul has been awarded with a Research Fellowship of the Alexander von Humbold Foundation. He can now continue his successful research on “web fed production systems for printed electronics” in our facilities in Chemnitz.

International flair at Baumann Printing Research

7 / 2012 > International >

Modern printing technologies attract many guest from all over the world

Interface Design at Baumann Printing Research

7 / 2012 > National >

Interface Designers from the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Germany visited Baumann Printing Research

LOPE-C, Munich, Germany

6 / 2012 > National >

Networking at DRUPA continued at LOPE-C (19th -21th June 2012) taking place in Munich, Germany

Microflex visits the DRUPA, Düsseldorf

5 / 2012 > National >

The Microflex is shown at the DRUPA in Düsseldorf (3rd -16th May 2012). Feel free to visit us at the 3D Micromay booth E 19, hall 7 (innovation park).

MRS Spring Meeting, San Francisco, USA

4 / 2012 > International >

Enrico Sowade gave a talk about the “Preparation of Spherical, Ordered Colloidal Aggregates Using Inkjet Printing“ at the MRS Spring Meeting

Helder Castro left Chemnitz

2 / 2012 > International >

The visiting PhD student Helder Castro left Baumann Printing Research after 3 months stay and returns back to Portugal

nano tech 2012, Tokio, Japan

2 / 2012 > International >

Prof. Reinhard Baumann is Invited Speaker at the nano tech 2012 - The 11th International Nanotechnology Exhibition & Conference in Tokyo, Japan. He has a Keynote Talk at the Symposium "The Cutting Edge of Printable Electronics - a Japanese-European Symposium".

Panida Lorwongtragool left Chemnitz

1 / 2012 > International >

The guest PhD student Panida Lorwongtragool left the Baumann Printing Research after an 8 months stay and returns back to Thailand


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