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Department of Digital Printing and Imaging Technology

Welcome to the Department of Digital Printing and Imaging Technology

Head of the Department: Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Reinhard R. Baumann "Today's printers are equipped with advanced technologies to produce high-quality print products which are solely made to be recognized by the human visual sense. Future printed products will be equipped with functionalities beyond color, e.g. electrical conductivity and semiconductivity, optimized porosity or even electric power. With those functionalities they will be able to perceive their surroundings and their own state, save these data and communicate them via computer networks with other members of the "internet of things". The key for suitable industrial manufacturing equipment for these "printed smart objects" is the interdisciplinary development of complex inks, manufacturing processes and machine systems with integrated digital manufacturing technologies."

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Reinhard R. Baumann

News and Events in 2011


Alumni finished PhD thesis

12 / 2011 > Media >

Alumni Dipl.-Ing. Stephan Jahn finished his PhD thesis. Prof. Reinhard R. Baumann is member of the doctoral committee.

Swiss e-Print 2011, Basel, Switzerland

11 / 2011 > International >

Prof. Reinhard R. Baumann is keynote speaker at Swiss e-Print

4th Printing Future Days 2011

11 / 2011 > National >

The Printing Future Days 2011 organized by the Baumann Printing Research group takes place at TUC Prof. Reinhard R. Baumann is Conference Chair.

EU-FP7 project “Technology & Design Kits for Printed Electronics (TDK4PE)“

10 / 2011 > Media >

12.-13. October: Kick-off Meeting in Chemnitz

NIP27 / Digital Fabrication 2011, Minneapolis, Minnesota

10 / 2011 > International >

Prof. Reinhard Baumann is Advisory Chair. Closing key note talk by Prof. Reinhard Baumann

Low-cost thin-film solar cells

10 / 2011 > Media >

The federal government and the state government invest 1.7 billion Euro in a new chemistry lab for photovoltaics and a wide range of coating equipment at TU Chemnitz

New employee from Vietnam and guest scientist from Korea

10 / 2011 > International >

Anh-Tuan Tran-Le from Vietnam and Dr. Hyun-Kyoo Kang from the Flexible Display Roll-to-roll Research Center at Konkuk University in Soul, South Korea are supporting the Baumann Printing Research Group

OES Seminar in Chemnitz

9 / 2011 > National >

Members of the Baumann Printing Research group, the Fraunhofer ENAS, and the 3D-Micromac AG presented a broad range of topics covering materials and technologies for printed electronics.

Guest scientist from Italy visits Inkjet-Technikum

7 / 2011 > International >

Hend Ibrahim from Politecnico di Milano, Italy, is a visiting scientist at the Inkjet-Technikum

International Conference on Additive Manufacturing

7 / 2011 > International >

Prof. Reinhard Baumann is Invited Speaker at the International Conference "additive manufacturing" at Loughboroug

LOPE-C 2011, Frankfurt/Main, Germany

6 / 2011 > National >

Prof. Dr. Reinhard R. Baumann is Scientific Conference Chair

Agreement about collaboration with Korean Research Institute

6 / 2011 > Media >

the Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials (KIMM) and the Institute for Print und Media Technology at Chemnitz University of Technology (pmTUC) will do joint research in the future

Excursion: e-dox, Chemnitz

5 / 2011 > National >

in the frame of the lecture: Outputsystem II

Design meets Technology

4 / 2011 > Media >

Industrial Design students from Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design, Halle, Germany visited the Institute for Print and Media Technology

WAN-IFRA GmbH & Co. KG, Mainz

4 / 2011 > National >

Prof. Reinhard Baumann is Invited Speaker at the WAN-IFRA conference "Printing Summit"

Tampere University of Technology

4 / 2011 > International >

Prof. Reinhard Baumann is a member of the PhD commission and attends the „Public examination doctoral dissertation of Ville Pekkanen"

Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung, Bonn

2 / 2011 > National >

Prof. Reinhard Baumann attends the BMBF technical discussion „Organische und großflächige Elektronik"

Université de Strasbourg, UFR Physique et Ingénierie

2 / 2011 > International >

Prof. Reinhard Baumann is Juror of Vincent Gassmann‘s PhD defense; topic: Commande décentralisée robuste de systèmes d’entrainement de bandes à élasticité variable


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