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Research Group Numerical Mathematics (Partial Differential Equations)
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WortArt of research areas

Research areas and key competences of the work group

optimization on manifolds

work group logo

Our group logo shows the fluid flow through a channel

Simulation of an injection moulding process (cluster of excellence MERGE)

Optimal control in engineering applications

@@sensitivity chart

Sensitivity chart for a machine base within SFB/Transregio 96

cluster of excellence MERGE

Project on efficient optimization within the cluster of excellence MERGE at TU Chemnitz

logo of the optimal control seminar

The Chemnitz seminar on optimal control takes place every year in February or March

world map

Our presentations at international conferences

Work group in May 2019

The research group Numerical Mathematics (Partial Differential Equations) conducts research in theory and numerical solution of optimization problems with partial differential equations.


Trinity_College_Dublin.png Erasmus Agreement
University of Dublin

The faculty of mathematics has a new Erasmus agreement with the university of Dublin (Ireland). Please find information concerning the Erasmus program here. The next deadline for applications is March 31, 2020.

Maximilian_Bochmann_MA.png Thesis
Maximilian Bochmann

Maximilian Bochmann is defending his Master thesis on Friday, August 16, 2019 (at 10:00 in room 2/B202, Reichenhainer Straße 70). The title of his thesis is Finite Element Methods and Iterative Algorithms for Total-Variation Problems. Interested party are cordially invited.

Manuel_Weiß_BA.png Thesis
Manuel Weiß

Manuel Weiß is defending his Bachelor thesis on Friday, August 16, 2019 (at 09:00 in room 2/B202, Reichenhainer Straße 70). The title of his thesis is Modelling and Numerical Simulation Methods for a Pendulum on a Rope. Interested party are cordially invited.

ManifoldBezierCurve.png Event
Workshop on Optimization on Manifolds

On August 09, 2019, we are hosting an international workshop Optimization on Manifolds.

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