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Professorship for inverse problems

Inhaber der Professur

Prof. Dr. Jan-Frederik Pietschmann

+49 371 531 36901
+49 371 531 22009
Reichenhainer Str. 41, Zimmer 725


72018 Professur für Inverse Probleme, TU Chemnitz
12018 Habilitation (venia legendi), WWU Münster
102017-32018 Vertretungsprofessur, Universität Osnabrück
since 72015 Post-Doc, WWU Münster
112012-62015 Post-Doc, TU Darmstadt
22012-82012 Post-Doc, Center for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, KTH, Stockholm
100211-12012 Post-Doc, Institute for Computational and Applied Mathematics, University of Münster
102008-112011 PhD Student in Cambridge, Thesis: On Some Partial Differential Equation Models in Socio-Economic Contexts - Analysis and Numerical Simulations
102008 Master in Mathematics (Mathediplom), Title: Long-time Behaviour of nonlinear Fokker-Planck equations, Supervisor: Prof. Martin Burger, thesis
62008 Master in Physics (Physikdiplom), Title: Development of a Novel Readout System for Small Animal Positron Emmision Tomography, Supervisor: Prof. Johannes Wessels, thesis

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