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Professorship for inverse problems
Professorship for inverse problems

Research Group Inverse Problems (Partial Differential Equations)

The research group mainly works on inverse problems (parameteridentification) and the analysis of nonlinear partial differential equations.


New DAAD Project/ANR

Within the joint DAAD/ANR people mobility programm, a joint project with Virginie Ehrlacher has been approved. The title of the project is Hydrodynamic limits of interacting particle systems with long jumps. The projects provides funds to visits to the respective groups in 2019 and 2020.

Current topics for Bachelor- and Mastertheses:

If you are interested please contact me via jfpietschmann (at) math (dot) tu-chemnitz (dot) de

  1. Bachelor- / Masterthesis: Optimal Transport for data sciences and learning
  2. Bachelor- / Masterthesis: Parameteridentification in non-linear partial differential equations
  3. Bachelor- / Masterthesis: Parameter estimation in stochastic differential equations
  4. Bachelor- / Masterthesis: Modelling of human crowd motion or opinion formation


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