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25th Chemnitz FEM Symposium 2012

Final Programme

Wednesday, September 26, 2012
Start at 9:00
  Advanced Finite Element Methods and Applications
Chairman: T. Apel
Room: N111
09:00 Anke Bucher Towards the direct and inverse adaptive mixed finite element formulations for nearly incompressible elasticity at large strains
09:20 Vadim G. Korneev Fast domain decomposition solvers for discrete problems with chaotically subdomain wise variable orthotropism
09:40 Michael Kuhn Non-sequential optical field tracing
10:00 Boniface Nkemzi An iterative finite element method for boundary value problems in domains with geometric singularities: Computing the coefficients of the singularities
10:20 Frank Rabold Procrack: A software for simulating three-dimensional fatigue crack growth (*)
Tea and coffee break 10:40 - 11:10
  Advanced Finite Element Methods and Applications
Chairman: O. Steinbach
Room: N111
11:10 Rene Schneider Implementation of Schur-complement-preconditioners for the Stokes and Navier-Stokes Equations
11:30 Peter Steinhorst Application of the reciprocity principle for the determination of planar cracks in piezoelectric material
11:50 Michael Thess Multilevel preconditioners for temporal-difference learning methods related to recommendation engines
12:10 Gerhard Unger Coupled FE-BE eigenvalue problems for fluid-structure interaction
12:30 Sabine Zaglmayr Sensitivity analysis for Maxwell eigenvalue problems in industrial applications
12:50 Closing Remarks