Due to the corona virus (SARS-CoV-2) pandemic, the DMV Jahrestagung 2020 will be converted into an online event.

The web pages will be updated on a regular basis.


Registration for DMV2020 will be handled by an external service provider.
A link to the registration web site will be posted here in due time.

Registrations fees are:
Regular: 50 Euro
Reduced: free
Note: The current situation related to the Corona pandemic has made it impossible to hold the DMV Jahrestagung as originally planned. We will now host it as an online meeting, and consequently we have drastically cut the registration fees. A certain number of costs cannot, however, be covered without a small contribution by participants, these include: fees for using a registration platform, fees for the video conference platform itself, costs of staff needed for supervision of the meeting rooms etc.
Registration will be free for all students (including Ph.D. students) as well as in certain other cases.