Registration for DMV2020 is now open. Please register here.

Registrations fees are:
Regular: 50 Euro
Reduced: 10 Euro
Free of charge: 0 Euro

The standard conference fee is 50 €.
You can register free of charge in case you are a (PhD-)student, a plenary speaker or an organizer of a minisymposium or section. Moreover, you can choose this category if, for some serious reasons, you cannot afford to pay the 50 € fee. We would like to ask all participants choosing this category to provide us with a suitable document (e.g., a student id) which shows that you are eligible to do so.
If you meet the conditions for participation 'free of charge', but would like to support the event with a small contribution (10 €), please select the category 'reduced'. Important: For organizational reasons, registration within the categories 'free of charge' or 'reduced fee' is only possible until August 14, 2020.

Note: The current situation related to the Corona pandemic has made it impossible to hold the DMV Jahrestagung as originally planned. We will now host it as an online meeting, and consequently we have drastically cut the registration fees. A certain number of costs cannot, however, be covered without a small contribution by participants, these include: fees for using a registration platform, fees for the video conference platform itself, costs of staff needed for supervision of the meeting rooms etc.