The routine CPXgetcolindex() searches for the index number of the specified column in a CPLEX problem object.

Return Value

The routine returns a zero on success, and a nonzero if an error occurs.


  int CPXgetcolindex (CPXCENVptr env,
                      CPXCLPptr lp,
                      const char *lname_str,
                      int *index_p);


CPXCENVptr env

The pointer to the CPLEX environment as returned by CPXopenCPLEX().

CPXCLPptr lp

A pointer to a CPLEX problem object as returned by CPXcreateprob().

const char *lname_str

A column name to search for.

int *index_p

A pointer to an integer to hold the index number of the column with name lname. If the routine is successful, *index_p contains the index number, otherwise *index_p is undefined.


  status = CPXgetcolindex (env, lp, "power43", &colindex);

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