When a problem is modified, by CPXaddrows() for instance, CPLEX keeps the changes in a cache for reasons of efficiency and applies all the accumulated changes at one time-for example, when a subsequent routine is called that uses or solves the modified matrix. Ordinarily, CPLEX manages this cache automatically. The routine CPXcompletelp() is provided to allow users to ensure that all changes have in fact been applied, in those rare cases where modification steps need to be closely managed-for example, when careful timings are desired for the individual steps in a user's solution process.

Return Value

The routine returns a zero on success, and a nonzero if an error occurs.


  int CPXcompletelp (CPXCENVptr env, CPXLPptr lp);


CPXCENVptr env

The pointer to the CPLEX environment as returned by CPXopenCPLEX().

CPXLPptr lp

A pointer to a CPLEX problem object as returned by CPXcreateprob().


  status = CPXcompletelp (env, lp);

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