The routine CPXchgrhs() is used to change the right-hand side coefficients of a set of constraints in the CPLEX problem object.

Return Value

The routine returns a zero on success, and a nonzero if an error occurs.


  int CPXchgrhs (CPXCENVptr env,
                 CPXLPptr lp,
                 int cnt,
                 const int *indices,
                 const double *values);


CPXCENVptr env

The pointer to the CPLEX environment as returned by CPXopenCPLEX().

CPXLPptr lp

A pointer to a CPLEX problem object as returned by CPXcreateprob().

int cnt

An integer that indicates the total number of right-hand side coefficients to be changed, and thus specifies the length of the arrays indices and values.

const int *indices

An array of length cnt containing the numerical indices of the rows corresponding to the constraints for which right-hand side coefficients are to be changed.

const double *values

An array of length cnt containing the new values of the right-hand side coefficients of the constraints present in indices.


  status = CPXchgrhs (env, lp, cnt, indices, values);

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