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Professorship of Applied Analysis

Research Seminar Analysis

(in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Albrecht Böttcher, Prof. Dr. Peter Junghanns, Prof. Dr. Jan-Frederik Pietschmann, and Prof. Dr. Daniel Potts)

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FS Analysis
Dienstag (Wöchentlich)
(neu: C47.705)

Upcoming talks:

Date Speaker Title
Do, 11.04.2019, 13:45 (Terminverlegung!) Anna Doležalová
(Charles University, Prague)
Volumes of unit balls of Lorentz spaces
16.04.2019, 12:30 Christian Gerhards
(TU Freiberg)
Inverse Problems in Geomagnetism and Vector Field Decompositions on the Sphere
14.05.2019 Martin Schäfer
(TU Berlin)
The Framework of Alpha-Molecules
21.05.2019 Carina Geldhauser
(TU Dresden)
Discrete models for atmospheric turbulence
28.05.2019 Kateryna Pozharska
(NAS Ukraine)
Entropy numbers and best approximations of classes of periodic multivariate functions
04.06.2019 Kristof Szarvas
Lebesgue spaces with variable exponent and applications
Do, 06.06.2019, 11:30 Incoronata Notarangelo
(Potenza, Italy)
Truncated Gaussian and product quadrature rules
Fr, 07.06.2019, 11:30 Incoronata Notarangelo
(Potenza, Italy)
Application of truncated quadrature rules to the numerical solution of integral equations
18.06.2019 Greta Marino
(TU Chemnitz)
A-priori estimates for some classes of elliptic problems
09.07.2019 Philipp Werner
(FAU Erlangen)
PDEs modelling cell blebbing with membrane-cortex interaction through linker proteins
17.12.2019 Christoph Robisch
(TU Chemnitz)
Iteration neu-gewichteter kleinster Quadrate zur Lösung der inversen nicht-äquidistanten schnellen Fourier-Transformation

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