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Research in Germany

In Germany more than 200 billion Euros per year are invested in education, research and science. The research landscape is characterized by the sectors research at universities, extramural research and industrial research which do not exist side by side but which are linked together by interdisciplinary research clusters.

The German university landscape consists on 400 institutions whereof more than 100 have the right to confer doctorates which means that they qualify young researchers. Furthermore there are the extramural research organizations: underneath them the Fraunhofer-Society, the Helmholtz-Association and the Max-Planck-Society are the biggest and most recognized. For research and development alone nearly 80 billion Euros were invested in Germany in the year 2012. The main investor beside the state is the economy.

Thanks to 280.000 enrolled international students, 18.000 PhDs and 26.000 scientists from abroad Germany, after the USA and UK, is the third-strongest location in the global “struggle for the best heads”.

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