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AC21 Network Meetings

AC21 Network Meetings

2008 (Washington) 2009 (Los Angeles) 2010 (Kansas City) 2011 (Vancouver) 2012 (Houston) 2013 (St. Louis)
2014 (San Diego) 2015 (Boston) 2016 (Denver) 2017 (Los Angeles)    

The AC21 Network Meetings are organized by Chemnitz University of Technology each year since 2008 on the occasion of the NAFSA Conference & Expo and shall serve as a platform for regular exchange of ideas regarding topics of mutual interest in between the major events of the network (AC21 International Forum, AC21 Student Word Forum) in the way that delegates from AC21-member universities participating in the NAFSA Conference & Expo are invited and provided with the opportunity not only to take part in the AC21 Network Meeting but also to bring in own propositions for topics and presentations. Thanks to the continuous happening and the variety of topics dealt with, the AC 21 Network Meetings initiated by Chemnitz University of Technology in the meantime have developed to a steady item within the event portfolio of the AC21-network.

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