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AC21 International Forums

2010 (Shanghai) 2012 (Adelaide) 2014 (Stellenbosch) 2016 (Chemnitz)  

Every two years, the AC21 International Forum provides member institutions with the opportunity to reassess the role of higher education in society through the staging of keynote addresses by prominent public figures, presentations and panel discussions. It has also become a tradition that the AC21 International Forum is complemented by more specialized ‘parallel’ sessions and workshops, which enable representatives from member institutions to give presentations and discuss the latest developments in areas of research, technology and international education. Normally, the AC21 International Forums are also the occasion of meetings of the main bodies of AC21 - the AC21 Steering Committee and the AC21 General Assembly.

The role of the host of this event is regularly changing between the AC21 member universities. The 1st AC21 International Forum was hosted by Nagoya University in 2002. Technische Universität Chemnitz will host the upcoming 8th AC21 International Forum in 2016.

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