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AC21 Special Project Fund

AC21 Special Project Fund 2017

The establishment of an "AC21 Special Project Fund" was determined by the AC21-General Assembly in 2008 in order to enhance the exchange between the member universities in education and research.

Within the program a maximum of three projects per year are supported by up to 10.000 USD. One of the main requirements is the inclusion of at least three AC21-member universities originating from at least two countries. Especially eligible for funding are symposia which are organized by the three AC21-members together and which are open to AC21-members as well as to the general public. The organizers are obliged to contribute to the event by an appropriate number of lectures.

Fundable projects would be i.a.

  • Forums for graduate students
  • Small international forums
  • Mini-workshops
  • Joint mini-symposia related to certain research areas
  • Joint research between groups of researchers

The funding may also be used as "seed funds" for schooling projects and for starting-up long-term research projects or centers between the partners. Less adapted for funding are single research projects where only one or two scientists from the network partners are working together. Further information is provided by the Guidelines of the AC21 Special Project Fund.

The funding sources may be used for covering costs for events and travelling, for material and other expenditures directly related to the project. They shall not be used for covering staff-related costs, scholarships for students, tuition fees or office equipment.

The application documents for project funding within the "AC21 Special Project Fund 2017" consist on an application form duly filled as well as on a separate detailed budget proposal. Please also indicate a person responsible as contact for the project.

Applications for project funding may be filed by email to the International Office until the 23.01.2017 at latest which then forwards the applications after formal check to the chancellor as "AC21 Communicator" of TU Chemnitz for signature and subsequent submission to the AC21 General Secretariat.

The applications submitted will be assessed by the members of the AC21-Steering Committee. Crucial criteria are the following: contribution to AC21 activities, quality of the proposal, accountability of the budget as well as sustainability and continuation of the proposed collaboration. Please read the guidelines for further details. The selected projects will be announced by the AC21-General Secretariat probably by April 2017.

The selected applicants are requested to acknowledge the support received from AC21 in their presentations, events and publicity materials (e.g. by placement of the AC21-logo) and at the end of the funding period they are obliged to submit the following three documents

  • Final project report
  • Final financial report
  • Short general article (400-600 words) for use in the AC21-Newsletter

until 15.12.2017 at latest to the International Office which will then initiate submission to the AC21 General Secretariat via the chancellor as "AC21 communicator" of TU Chemnitz.

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