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281. Informatik-Kolloquium


Öffentliche Verteidigung im Rahmen des Promotionsverfahrens

Herr Yu Zhang, M.Eng.

TU Chemnitz
Fakultät für Informatik
Professur Betriebssysteme

"Performance Improvement of Hypervisors for HPC Workload"

Dienstag, 03.07.2018
11:00 Uhr, Straße der Nationen 62, Böttcher-Bau, 1/336 (neu: A12.336)

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The research of this thesis lies in the high-performance computing (HPC) with virtualization. The performance loss suffered by a set of typical HPC workloads due to the virtualization execution environment is investigated. Among the factors that are critical to the performance, a potential source for such performance loss is the memory management for virtual machine. Furthermore, the diverse behavior of HPC workload in memory utilization makes it hard to gain high performance with the adoption of a single memory virtualization solution for an arbitrary HPC workload. This work contributes two novel solutions - DPMS (dynamic paging method switching) and STDP (simplified two-dimensional paging) to address this problem. Both of them are presented conceptually and implemented partially for a hypervisor - KVM. The benchmark results for DPMS show that the performance for a number of workloads that are sensitive to paging methods can be more or less improved through the adoption of this solution. STDP illustrates that it is feasible to reduce the performance overhead in the second-dimension paging for those workloads that cannot make good use of the TLB.