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Fakultät für Informatik


238. Informatik-Kolloquium



Herr Brian Fisher


Simon Fraser University



"For a translational cognitive science of interaction"


Mittwoch, 10.12.2014
10:00 Uhr, Straße der Nationen 62, 1/204

Alle interessierten Personen sind herzlich eingeladen!


The visualization community should not try to reinvent psychological science as it is represented by organizations like APS, Psychonomics, Cognitive Science, etc. There is over a century of experimental psychology in the West and a millennium of less structured investigation in the East (e.g Ibn Al Haytham, 1024 AD) that we must build upon. We risk spending another century reinventing the wheel. Neither can we count on off the shelf psychology research to solve our problems, most psychologists are neither aware of nor interested in the special characteristics of the experiences that we create with our interactive visualization systems. The nature of those environments differs in fundamental ways from the natural environment that experimental psychologists implicitly gear their research and their laboratory and field experiment methods. The solution to this problem lies in the creation of a translational cognitive science of interaction, AKA a cyberpsychology. This begins with studies of ”cognition in the wild”, continues with laboratory studies of the ways in which the novel perceptual and interactive environments that are generated by complex visualization environments affect human perception, cognition, action and collaboration and ends with translational field experiments that integrate theory and methods from lab studies into semi-realistic tasks and settings to inform visualization design choices and evaluation metrics."