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Fakultät für Informatik


231. Informatik-Kolloquium

Professur Technische Informatik


Prof. Stanislav Simeonov


Burgas Prof. Dr. Assen Zlatarov University



"Modeling an Aggregate of Intelligent Interfaces in Discrete and Continuous Time"


Donnerstag, 12.06.2014
16:30 Uhr, Straße der Nationen 62, 1/B006

Alle interessierten Personen sind herzlich eingeladen!


The people need improvement of their communicability to contact with other people. Different solutions of the improvement of the man-computer interaction could help the visually impaired people use their abilities to full extent. The Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) is a basic term described as the way a user communicates or interacts with computers. To guarantee the ability to acquire information, the computer interface should include software and hardware elements to facilitate this perception. The development of computer technology provides possibilities to combine multiple performing devices into an integrated system aimed to give or facilitate certain services. In somewhat narrower context, the present work is related to the problems in the design of complex interface. This is a prerequisite for the realization not only of interface devices but also of systems capable of partial or full processing of information. In the presented study is shown a model of a single system. Examines and proves its stability, as part of a joint complex interrelated interfaces for blind people. Implemented with embedded computing elements having some computing power and working within a distributed information environment, regardless of the physical channel, powered and working within a distributed information environment. The study is the result of research project funded by Bulgarian National Science Fund – NSF Grant No D-ID-02/14 and Grant NHT-333/14.