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Fakultät für Informatik

200. Informatik-Kolloquium

Frau Prof. Tudevdagva Uranchimeg


Mongolian University of Science and Technology


"A measure theoretical evaluation model for e-learning programs"


Mittwoch, 12.12.2012
10:30 Uhr, Raum 1/012c

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Thisresearch work deals with a new approach for evaluation of e-learning programs. Based on methods of general measure theory an evaluation model is developed which can be used for assessment of complex logical target structures in context of e-learning programs.

Basic idea of presented method is the embedding of aims to be reached in an adapted logical structure which contains the key and sub targets of evaluation. For such structures a measure theoretical scoring model is developed. It is described how to given observation data, obtained with an adjusted assessment checklist, a score value for evaluation of an e-learning program can be computed.