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Fakultät für Informatik

155. Informatik-Kolloquium


Doc. Ing. Jaroslav Zendulka, CSc.

Faculty of Information Technology,
Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic

"Study Programmes and Research at FIT BUT"

Mittwoch, 12.05.2010
12:00 Uhr, 1/336

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Präsentationsfolien zum Kolloquium 


The first part will introduce the Faculty of Information Technology of Brno University of Technology (FIT BUT). It was established in 2002 but education in computer science and engineering has been provived and research in these areas done at BUT since 1960s. The faculty arose from the then Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. It started with about 500 students, currently it has more than 2500 students. Study programmes and research areas of the faculty will be presented in the first part of the presentation.
The secon part will deal with author's research. Areas of his research interest include database and information systems, primarily data and object modelling, and data mining. The main focus will be on some achievements in data mining: XML-based description of the knowledge discovery process; algorithm for mining association rules; aplication of clustering in video search and protein structure prediction; FITMiner - a data mining tool developed by Bachelor and Master degree students at FIT.