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Software Technology for Embedded Systems

Design of Software for Embedded Systems

Embedded systems play an important role in our every-day lifes. In general, they consist of microcontrollers, which are integrated in and control so-called embedding systems such as cars or planes. Since embedded systems strongly interact with their environment, they need to work in real time, i.e., deadlines need to be met. In addition, embedded systems need to cope with limited resources such as a reduced computing and/or memory capacity, power limitations, etc. As a result, a variety of techniques and technologies are used which are, in principle, completely different to those typically used in the desktop or data processing domains and constitute the focus of this course. Main topics are:

  • Concepts and tools for the development of embedded software
  • Modeling and guaranteeing real-time constraints
  • Basic concepts of control theory
  • Typical hardware architectures for embedded systems
  • Model-based software development, etc.

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