Software Measures and Program Comprehension

Inspecting Software Measures to Assess Program Comprehension of AspectJ Programs

Source code

AspectJ version of MobileMedia (zip)
Java version of MobileMedia (zip)

Programming Experience

We administered a programming experience quesitonnaire prior to the experiment. Questionnaire (pdf) Since our subjects were enrolled at a German university, the original questionnaire is in German.

Bug Descriptions

In this file, you find an overview of the bugs for both versions.

Opinion of Subjects

In this file, you find an overview of the opinion of subjects regarding difficulty, motivation, and performance with the other version. Additionally, the file contains the results of Mann-Whitney-U and chi^2 signicificance test, which assess whether the observed differences occurred randomly. A p value smaller than 0.05 indicates a non random result.

Software Measures

In this file, you find an overview of the files a subject looked at in a task, including the time. Additionally, we present the resulting software measure for each subject (unweighted and weighted).


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