PROPHET: Tool Infrastructure to Support Program-Comprehension Experiments




PROPHET is a tool to support designing and conducting experiments targeting program comprehension. It provides numerous customizing options of experimental setting. It is implemented based on plug-ins, such that it is extensible and can be adjusted according to experimenters' needs.

Literature Review

The concepts implemented in PROPHET are based on a literature review of one leading journal (ESE) and two leading conferences (ICSE, ICPC) regarding (empirical) software engineering and program comprehension. The literature is intended to be iteratively extended. The current status can be found in this Excel sheet.


You can download the current version of PROPHET as zip file. It is now possible to select either English or German as language. To customize or define an experiment, start the file ExperimentEditor.jar. You can load the file "default.xml" as example. To view an experiment, start ExperimentViewer.jar




Customized source-code viewer


Prophet is an open-source project under GPL License. The sources are available at