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Professur Künstliche Intelligenz

Proseminar Ausgewählte Themen der Künstlichen Intelligenz

Proseminar: individuelle Termine (Dr. J. Vitay)

General information:

The proseminar is offered only in the summer semester. Registration for SS2019 is closed.

Contact: julien dot vitay at informatik dot tu-chemnitz dot de.

First meeting: Tuesday 09.04.19, 17:15-18:45, B006 (pdf).

Guidelines for preparing the presentation and the report (pdf).

Introduction to LaTeX 14.05.2019, 17:15-18:45, B006 (pdf, zip)

Programme: Tuesdays 17:15-18:45 B006

Tuesday 18.6.19. Speech and Text

Name Title
Anh-Duc Dang Neural Machine Translation
Melanie Wolf Google assistant
Robert Schulze Machine Music Generation: Using Neural Networks to Produce Metal Music
Jan Eberhardt Der Einsatz Neuronaler Netze auf dem Buchmarkt

Tuesday 25.6.19. Vision and RL

Name Title
Justus Robert Zürch Dreaming deep? Deep Learning in Image Recognition
Chi Chen Object detection with YOLO
Ralf Burkhardt ((disentangled) variational) Autoencoder
Micha Fleck AlphaStar: Starcraft mit deep reinforcement learning

Tuesday 2.7.19. Applications of AI

Name Title
Ummay Wazera Oishy AI and the future of IoT
Marianne Julia Ziesmer Intelligenten Fahrsysteme
Benjamin Schaller Will self driving cars paralyse the traffic in big cities?
Katrin Heidemann Einsatz von Künstlichen Intelligenzen in der Bildung

Tuesday 9.7.19. Risks and limits of AI

Name Title
Xing Liu The limits of deep learning
Carolin Scholl On the Biological Plausibility of Artificial Neural Networks
Xiangyu Tong Can AI simulate a human brain?
Eryk Hohlfeld Skynet: Wie man es baut und wie man es verhindert
Minji Vaque Artificial Intelligence and 4th Industrial Revolution: It is not a Revolution