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Computer Vision

Exam SS 2019

The grades have been sent to the ZPA. Exam review will be on Tuesday 13.8 between 1pm and 2pm. Afterwards, it will only be possible during the consultation times (Tuesdays 1pm-2pm) in the lectures period (after 14.10).

Important information

Starting from the winter semester 2019-2020, Jun-Prof. Danny Kowerko (Media Computing) is responsible for the course Computer Vision / Image Understanding:

Open topics

There is an open topic on large-scale statistical face modeling, in co-supervision with Martin Grewe from the Zuse Institut Berlin (ZIB): pdf. Contact Julien Vitay if you are interested.

Old slides

Chapter 01 - Introduction (pdf)
Chapter 02 - Image Formation (pdf)
Chapter 03 - Image processing (pdf)
Chapter 04 - Geometric transformations (pdf)
Chapter 05 - Feature detection and matching (pdf)
Chapter 06 - Segmentation (pdf)
Chapter 07 - Motion (pdf)