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Hybrid Societies: Humans Interacting with Embodied Technologies

How do we investigate hybrid societies?

In order to address the yet unsolved challenges and to shape the coexistence of humans and machines in public spaces, it is necessary for a large number of disciplines, from psychology and engineering sciences to mathematics and computer science to the social sciences and humanities, to combine their strengths. The Collaborative Research Centre “Hybrid Societies: Interacting with Embodied Digital Technologies” at Chemnitz University of Technology is funded by the German Research Foundation as a Collaborative Research Centre from 2020 to 2023. An international group of scientists studies the conditions for successful coordination between humans and machines in public spaces.

The Collaborative Research Centre Hybrid Societies works in four fields.

This research field encompasses all projects that explore perception, prediction, and movement execution in coordinating and interacting with embodied digital technologies.

This area includes all projects that deal with the abilities attributed to embodied digital technologies based on their appearance and behavior. It also interrogates to which extent prostheses or virtual agents are experienced as a replacement or extension of the human body.

This is where all projects that are interested in shared attention, spatial orientation, and coordinated behavior of humans and intelligent machines come together.

This research area joins projects that investigate the attribution and communication of situation-specific intentions between humans and embodied digital technologies.

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