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Institute of Sociology

About us:
The Institute of Sociology in Chemnitz

Sociology has been taught at the University of Technology (TU) in Chemnitz, a city with a rich cultural and industrial tradition, since 1992. In 1996, an independent Institute of Sociology was founded that currently employs about 40 academic teaching and research staff working for six chairs:

The Chairs of the Institute

  • Sociology - Focus on Sociological Theories ( Prof. Dr. Henning Laux )
  • Sociology - Focus on Sociology of Health ( Prof. Dr. Peter Kriwy )
  • Sociology - Focus on Empirical Social Research ( temporary Prof. Dr. Andreas Haupt )
  • Sociology - Focus on Work and Organization ( Prof. Dr. Markus Hertwig )
  • Junior Professorship Epidemiology (Junior Prof. Dr. Patrick Brzoska)
  • Junior Professorship Technical Sociology - Focus on Internet and New Media ( Junior Prof. Dr. Christian Papsdorf )



(The "Nischel" – the unofficial landmark of the city of Chemnitz .. the former Karl-Marx-Stadt)

Academic Programmes & Course Structure

Studying Sociology in Chemnitz, you will be thoroughly acquainted with the entire range of theoretical and scientific concepts and concerns forming the fundamentals of the discipline. Our consecutive undergraduate and graduate programmes

are taught with a strong scientific and, therefore, theoretical-empirical orientation. In addition, we offer the inter-disciplinary programme

which is organised by the Institute.

Receiving wide academic as well as public attention, the large amount of research done in a variety of fields has distinguished the Institute since its beginnings. Irrespective of all the differences concerning the focus of their theoretical and / or empirical work, the sociologists of the Institute are united by common interests:

Our major themes: Work/Technology, Health, Globalisation

In recent years, three central and strongly interconnected “pillars“ of sociological research have evolved in teaching and even more so in research, which will be further broadened in the future:
  • Work, Organisation and Technology: work activities, corporate organisation, technology and media in the informatised knowledge and service society
  • Health and Health Care Systems: health behaviour, the effects of social change on health structures and health technologies
  • Globalisation and Social Change: changes in societal structures (networks, organisations, movements, socio-cultural structures, etc.) within an international context

Best wishes

Your Chemnitz Sociology Team ...


... and enjoy Chemnitz: "Chemnitz tanzt" + "Chemnitz, wo sonst?


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