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Social Psychology
M.A. Claas Pollmanns

M.A. Claas Pollmanns

  PhD Student
  Wilhelm-Raabe-Straße 43, 09120 Chemnitz, Rroom 4/004
  Phone: +49 (0)371 531 32609
  Consultation hours by arrangement



Academic Career

Since 2017
PhD Student at the Junior Professorship of Social Psychology (TU Chemnitz)
Since 2012
Editor and publisher at Soziologiemagazin, board member since 2016, chairman and publisher since 2017
2015 – 2016
Coordinator at Red Cross Germany
2014 Research assistant at the Institute for Didactics of the German Language and Literature University of Leipzig
2013 Semester abroad at the University of Brno, Czech Republic
2012 – 2013 Research assistant in the DFG research project: "T-Res. Territoriale Resilienz in einer instabilen Wissensökonomie [T-Res. Territorial resilience in an unstable knowledge economy]." at the HTWK Leipzig
2011 – 2015 Master of Arts, Sociology (University of Leipzig)
2010 Internship at Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (Leipzig)
2009 – 2010 Student assistant in the founding network SAXEED at the TU Chemnitz
2007 – 2011 Bachelor of Arts, Sociology (TU Chemnitz)



  • 2019: Introduction to Environmental Psychology

  • 2019: The Psychology of Diversity

  • 2018/19: Radicalization, Extremism and Terrorism 

  • 2018: Introduction to Environmental Psychology

  • 2017/18: Radicalization, Extremism and Terrorism

  • 2017: The Psychology of Diversity

Research interests

  • Ideological Attitudes (Authoritarianism & Social Dominance Orientation) and Political Psychology

  • Diversity and Integration in Citys and Neighborhoods

  • The Psychology of Proenvironmental Behavoir

  • Normative Behavior and Conformity



Pollmanns, C. (2019). Faszination Extremismus - Ein Überblick zugrunde liegender Prozesse [Fascination Extremism - An overview of underlying processes]. Ich bin raus. Über Extremismusausstieg, 25. June 2019, Chemnitz, Germany.

Pollmanns, C. (2019). Integration von Geflüchteten: Sozialpsychologische Beiträge, praktische Umsetzung [Integration of refugees: social psychological contributions, practical implementation]. Fachnetz Flucht und Integration, 25. March 2019, Tübingen, Germany.

Pollmanns, C. (2019). Managing Unconscious Bias - der Umgang mit unbewussten Vorurteilen [Managing Unconscious Bias - the handling of unconscious prejudices]. Abschlussveranstaltung - Schule und Integration, 25. January 2019, Berlin, Germany.

Pollmanns, C. & Asbrock, F. (2018). “I rather go with my group”. Social norms might reduce prejudice for people high in authoritarian submission. 51. Kongress der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Psychologie, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Pollmanns, C. & Asbrock, F. (2018). “I rather go with my group”. Social norms might reduce prejudice for people high in authoritarian submission. 41. Annual Meeting of the International Society of Political Psychology, San Antonio, USA.

Pollmanns, C. (2016). Utopien eines nachwuchswissenschaftlichen Magazins - Erfahrungen aus der nachwuchswissenschaftlichen Selbstorganisation [Utopias of an early carrer magazine - Experiences from a self organized magazine]. Utopisch Dystopisch. Visionen einer 'idealen' Gesellschaft. Hildesheim, Germany.


Pollmanns, C. (2019). "We Do it your Way". Authoritarian Submission Moderates the Effect of Perceived Group Norms on Intergroup Attitudes. ISPP 2019 Annual Scientific Meeting, 15. July 2019, Lisbon, Portugal.

Pollmanns, C. (2019). Kriminalitätsfurcht im öffentlichen Raum - Erklärungsansätze [Fear of crime in public space - explanatory approaches]. Sicherheitskonferenz „Unser Chemnitz – na sicher!", 25. April 2019, Chemnitz, Germany.


Pollmanns, C. (2015). Zum Subjekt der Arbeit geformt. Die Universität als Zentralort der Selbst-Vergesellschaftung [Shaped to the subject of work. The university as the central place of self-socialization]. Soziologiemagazin, 13, 39-54. (Link)


Pollmanns, C. & Conzendorf, A. (2018). Identitätsverlust und Gewalt – Optionen Identität zu stiften und Gewalt abzubauen [Loss of identity and violence - options to create identity and reduce violence]. Fachtag Radikalisierungs- und Gewaltprävention, 27. November 2018, Chemnitz, Germany.

Pollmanns, C. & Corlett, D. (2018). System Justification – eine sozialpsychologische Perspektive auf den Status Quo [System Justification - a socialpsychological perspective on the status quo]. Sommerakademie_KANTINE MARX, Chemnitz, Germany.

Pollmanns, C. & Kaiser, V. (2018). Wie kommt es zu Radikalisierung? Psychologische Erklärungsmodelle und die Rolle sozialer Medien [How does radicalization happen? Psychologcial explanatory models and the role of social media]. Fachtagung IntegrationsPraxis, 17. January 2018, Chemnitz, Germany.

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