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Organizational- and Economic Psycholgy


The professorship represents the fundamental and application-oriented Organizational and Economic Psychology in research and instruction. Together, Organizational and Economic Psychology formulate principles about the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors of individuals in the economic environment, then test them in reality.  The foundations of this discipline stem from various fields, including psychology and applied economics (e.g. personnel selection, leadership, teamwork, organizational climate, psychological wellbeing in the workplace, consumption and market research, etc.). 

Research into unsolved problems and posing new questions is at the heart of the activities of the professorship, in cooperation with experienced colleagues and young academics. The thematic range of Organizational and Economical Psychology is composed of three branches: diversity in the workplace and team processes, researching of effective personnel management, and researching of personnel selection.

For my research, I draw upon various methods. In addition to theory formation and computer simulations, I predominantly work empirically in the laboratory and in the field with quantitative hypothesis-testing techniques. Particular features of my research are high-resolution collection of behavioral data with automated techniques, the discovery of partially complex statistical techniques, and online data collection.

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