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Chair of Clinical Psychology

Research areas

Research at the Department for Clinical Psychology at the TU Chemnitz is concerned with different clinical themes and questions, which are aligned to the key focus on clinical research in practice. It belongs to the Natural Scientific-Technical direction of the TU Chemnitz. The central research themes of our group lie therefore in the areas of:

  1. health services research (processes, quality of structure and outcomes of service provision within the outpatient psychotherapy, psychiatry, psychosomatic, addiction and rehabilitation, patient centeredness and development of patient-focused success indicators);
  2. intervention research (systematic reviews to: examine the evidence of effectiveness of clinical interventions, to develop evidence-based guidelines, conceptualise and evaluate innovative approaches to therapy and provision in psychotherapy, advice, prevention and rehabilitation, risk and analysis of failure);
  3. as well as research around the aetiology (models of risks and protective factors, psychological comorbidities, link between somatic illnesses and psychological disorders).

Our focus on disorders is primarily concerned with addiction (smoking, other substance-related disorders and disorders of impulse control), bipolar disorders as well as specific problems associated with psychological comorbidities (double- and multiple diagnoses).

We are also concerned with the problems around psychological disorders in older people (Clinical Gerontopsychology) as well as the therapeutic provision (Gerontopsychotherapy) and develog and evaluate professional development programmes in this area.

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