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Chair of General Psychology and Biopsychology
research - Motion

Psychology and movement behavior

Whether in kindergarten or at school, at work or in our spare time – we spend most of our daily life in "motion". Our Project „motion in space“ examines where people - children or adults - actually go and how long they stay within a certain area or group. We would like to understand whom (or which kind of objects) we approach or avoid.

Real-Time-Location-Systems help us to find out the exact position of each person within a given space. Based on these dynamic data, we use sociometric procedures for analyzing personal and group characteristics within groups.

We work as an interdisciplinary team consisting of psychologists, physicists, engineers and computer scientists. Current applications of our methodology include assessments of movements in kindergartens and among pre-schoolers.

credits: Newtonsche Waage 05: ©Pacco

Research Assistant