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Chair of General Psychology and Biopsychology

research laboratory

kids_playingOur equipment allows the collection of different physiological parameters (heart rate (variability), skin conductance level, blood pressure and cortical activity) as well as real-time location tracking within psychological experiments and field trials. The following devices are currently in use:


For EEG, we developed a specifically designed measurement setup (EEG-System 02), which is configured for laboratory use only. SUEmpathy100 and NeXus-16-A may be used as components of this EEG-System. Alternatively, both systems may also be run independently and can be used for mobile data collection.

The UBISENSE-System is generally designed for flexible usage and allows for measurements in buildings as well as outdoors.

For an overview of the current use of our equipment please see our Laboratory Schedule.


picture credits: EKG - ©LeoSynapse