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Cognitive & Engineering Psychology


In our research, we adress issues relevant to practice and combine the strengths of "cognitive psychology" with the area of "human factors" in order to achieve a productive knowledge transfer between basic research and applied research.

In an interdisciplinary cooperation we develop "Cognition-Based Human-Maschine-Interactions" (Ko-MTI), which leads (among other things) to

  1. increase transparency in human-technology systems
  2. cognitive assistance (e.g. driver assistance or production assistance systems)
  3. automation of cognitive functions

and thus to the development of cyber-physical systems in various application contexts by using artifical intelligence algorithms.

Das Bild zeigt eine grafische Übersicht der Arbeitsbereiche und ihrer ZusammenhÀnge

Current Research Focus

  • Diagnostic Reasoning (e.g. when troubleshooting technical systems or in medicine)
  • Psycholinguistics (e.g. analysis and modeling of the meaning of linguistic terms and use in questionnaire scales)
  • Cognitive Modeling(including mapping expert knowledge and cognitive processes with algorithms of artificial intelligence)  
Human Factors
  • Engineering Psychology (including the role of humans in cyber-physical (production) systems, production assistance and decision support)
  • Traffic Psychology (e.g. driver intention detection and highly automated / autonomous driving)
  • Usability (including user experience studies, usability design and privacy protection)  


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