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Cognitive Psychology & Human Factors
Cognitive Psychology & Human Factors

Usability & Human Factors

Users' needs are of crucial importance in the fields of Usability and Human Factors. Which expectations do users have when interacting with a system? Which system properties facilitate an effective and efficient interaction with the system and which features have the potential to increase user satisfaction? A poorly designed user interface can interfere an efficient human-machine-interaction and can decrease user satisfaction, whether it is in the field of operationally application software, mobile applications or surfing in the internet.

At the professorship 'Cognitive and Engineering Psychology' projects in the fields of Usability and Human Factors cover classical user tests and expert evaluations regarding different products and applications as well as studies to examine user acceptance. These projects are characterized by their practical relevance. In cooperation with software developers our scientific results could be implemented directly. Furthermore, new forms of human-computer-interaction (e.g. virtual and mixed reality) as well as research questions in the field of individual data privacy are examined in our research projects.

Current Projects:

  • Ko-MTI
    Cognition-Based Human-Machine-Interaction

Finished Projects

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