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Cognitive & Engineering Psychology

Cognitive and Engineering Psychology

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Office (room 304):
Carola Manger (deputy Dana Heise)
Wilhelm-Raabe-Str. 43
D-09120 Chemnitz

Office hours:

mon: 9-12am
tue: 2-4pmr
wed: -
thu: 9-12am & 1-4pm
fri: 9-12am


Phone: 0371/531 38612
Fax: 0371/531 28419

Mailing address:
TU Chemnitz
Institut für Psychologie
Allgemeine & Arbeitspsychologie
D-09107 Chemnitz


New publication

Scholz, A., Mehlhorn, K., & Krems, J. F. (2016). Listen up, eye movements play a role during verbal memory retrieval. Psychological Research, 80, 149-158. doi:10.1007/s00426-014-0639-4 (27.01.2016)

New publication

Neumann, I., Franke, T., Cocron, P., Bühler, F., & Krems, J. F. (2015). Eco-driving strategies in battery electric vehicle use - how do drivers adapt over time? IET Intelligent Transport Systems. 9(7), 746-753. doi:10.1049/iet-its.2014.0221

New publication

Schleinitz, K., Petzoldt, T., Franke-Bartholdt, L., Krems, J. F., & Gehlert, T. (2015). Conflict partners and infrastructure use in safety critical events in cycling - Results from a naturalistic cycling study. Transportation Research Part F: Psychology and Behaviour, 31, 99-111. doi:10.1016/j.trf.2015.04.002 (30.04.2015)

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