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Official Partner University of Elite Sports


Chemnitz University of Technology has been in a cooperative relationship with the Olympic Training Centre Chemnitz/Dresden and the German University Sports Federation (adh) since July 2003. The goal of this partnership is to promote elite sport that represents both the Olympic spirit and the Olympic ideals.

Sporting excellence requires an extraordinary amount of time and dedication. The habits needed to excel at sport also provide a solid foundation for future professional endeavours.

Therefore, our university allows for more flexible scheduling so that top student athletes can realize their full potential in both their sport and in the classroom.

The aim of the cooperation

This agreement allows for student athletes to focus on their sport while simultaneously focusing on their academic work.

The program also provides student athletes the necessary support to manage and plan their studies.


According to this agreement, athletes in the A-, B- and C- squads of Elite Sports are eligible for support. Unter the agreemetn the student athletes commit to the following:

  • to both plan their studies and prepare for exams diligently
  • to participate in various champioships for the University
  • to regularly inform the university of their sporting achievements
  • to representent the University at events when time allows
  • to advise fellow student athletes after graduation.

Services of the University

During the course of a student athlete´s study, the University provides, to the best of its ability, the follwing:

  • Student tutors who accompany the student athlete to individual student counseling and who provide support in cases of conflict. The aim is to cooperate with career guidance at the Olympic Training Centre.
  • Provide flexibility with regard to the study plan each semster. The study plan is designed to allow for all of the athlete´s necessary training, including competetitions, and allows for input from the national association.

The follwoing actions are provide to support the athletes:

  • Allowance of a leave of absence for a "championship semester".
  • Flexibility regarding attendace times, and possibilities to rework absenteeism.
  • Individuality determined due dates and examination dates, possibly including modification of the examination periods and duration of study.
  • Free of charge use of university sports facilities (ZFG, sports hall, sports ground, ...).
  • Special treatment for student athletes with regard to student housing.

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