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Junior Professorship of Sport and Exercise Sociology (with focus on Health Management)


The Junior Professorship of  Sport Sociology (with focus on Health Management) at the Institute of Human Movement Science and Health at Chemnitz University of Technology is dedicated to teaching and research in the field of „sports and society“ with reference to human health.

On the one hand object of research is the individuals` behaviour in terms of sports, physical activity and health. Accordingly this includes new concepts to manage, coordinate and regulate a more active -oriented health promotion and the analysis of effectiveness and efficiency  of facilites in fitness and health sport. On the other side we conduct systematic research and consultancy services with reference to structural development for institutes of sports and any other companies, regardless of its organisational structure.

The aims of research are to provide scientifically substantiated inputs for securing and optimising institutional and infrastructural frameworks for promoting health through sport and physical exercises.

The research concept is empirically oriented. In the sense of applied social research, there are usually generated primary data on current issues that also have a high practical relevance for organizations on sports and health markets.

For the implementation of empirical studies and research projects we provide an in-house CATI-Lab, which can also be used by external cooperation partners as well.


Current research primarily deal with the following thematic topics:


  • Analysis of physical activity or sports activities in relation to  individual and corresponding social/ structural factors
  • Social inclusion and integration in and through sports (especially for people with a migration background)
  • Analyses of member behavior in sports associations (e.g. commitment / drop-out of adolescents / voluntary engagement)
  • Development and management of voluntary sports clubs