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Professorship of Sports Psychology (with focus on Prevention and Rehabilitation)
Laboratory equipment



EEG (electroencephalography)

EEG is a non-invasive method that measures electrical activity on the skull surface. With the actiCHamp system, the activity can be investigated by means of 64 active electrodes.

  • System: actiCHamp, BrainProducts, Gilching, Germany
  • Software: BrainVision Recorder, BrainProducts, Gilching, Deutschland
  • Contact personLena Hübner








NIRS (near-infrared spectroscopy)

Near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) is a non-invasive, optical method to studying brain activity. The oxygen saturation of the blood is detected by light transmitters and receivers allowing to estimate the activity of the corresponding brain area.

  • System: NIRSport, NIRX Medizintechnik GmbH Berlin, Germany
  • Software: NIRStar (Aufnahme), nirsLab/Homer2 (Analyse) Berlin, Germany
  • Contact personRobert Stojan












Force Modulation Task

Participants have to apply a precision grip with index finger and thumb on a force transducer to adjust their own force as accurately as possible to a predetermined target curve. They receive simultaneous online feedback about the applied and the target force via the software Labview on a computer screen.

  • System: Force transducer: Type FX1901 OEM (0-25 lbf), Variohm EuroSensor, Heidelberg, Germany

  • Software: LabVIEW  2015, National Instruments, Austin, TX, USA
  • Contact personLena Hübner








OptoGait is an optical measuring instrument for gait analysis. Relevant gait parameters such as gait speed, stride length and width can be recorded using mobile photoelectric sensors.

  • System: OptoGait, Microgate, Bolzano BZ, Italy
  • Software: Software OptoGait v., Microgate, Bolzano BZ, Italy
  • Contact personInna Bragina














The tWall® is an exergaming system developed by the company IMM in Mittweida Sachsen. The system consists of approximately 4m2 wall on which 144 LED’s (12x12)can be controlled separately. Through a special fabric in front of the LEDs touch (pressure) or impulse (impact) can be measured on the wall. An Android app manages 30 games that address different motor and cognitive abilities and have different levels of difficulty. Basically, the players have to hit the fields with the hand after a LED light up.

Contact personsJulian Rudisch und Katharina Zwingmann 









Street crossing and driving simulator

The Virtual Reality Lab enables the measurement of different (e.g. behavioral, psychological, cognitive, motor) parameters, within an ecologically valid setting, under single as well as multitasking conditions. A street crossing and a driving simulator are currently available as everyday scenarios.

  • Hardware: Manual treadmill; DRAX, Speedfit 1000c, Vibrafit®, Solms; 48” Samsung TV screens; steering wheel and pedal set; Logitech G27; Gaming Headset; Shark Zone H10, Sharkoon Technologies GmbH, Linden, Germany
  • Software: Carnetsoft®, version 8.0 Groningen, NL
  • Contact personChristin Janouch












Spiroergometry is a sports medicine method to assess cardiovascular performance. The subjects exercise on a stationary bicycle up to the (subjective or objective) load. Maximum oxygen uptake (VO2-max) or submaximal oxygen uptake (VO2-peak, used for example, in the elderly) is measured via a breathing mask. Alternatively, the spiroergometry can take place on a treadmill (usable in according to a arrangement with the working group of human locomotion of Prof. Dr. Milani).

  • Spiroergometry: ZAN600, nSpire Health, Oberthulba, Germany
  • Bicycle: Lode Corival cpet, Groningen, the Netherlands
  • ECGTen-lead ECG fully digital stress system; Kiss, GE Healthcare, Munich, Germany
  • Herzfrequenzgurt: Polar watch type A300 with a Polar H7 Heart Rate Sensor
  • Contact personLena Hübner