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Professorship of Sports Psychology (with focus on Prevention and Rehabilitation)
Former projects


The service-project with the working title „Gaze-strategies of national expert badminton players on exertion“ operates subsequently to the successful primary project about the identification of effective gaze-strategies of professional badminton players in comparison to leisure badminton players (Please visit the link for more information). Primarily, the physical level of exertion arising in every badminton match is going to be adjusted in a realistic setting. Following, analysis shall detect the modifying gaze strategies of the expert badminton players in different match situations. Especially the „Quiet Eye“, defined as the final fixation before the activation of a motoric reaction, is going to be examined and analyzed in relation to practical training recommendations.  


For further informationenGaze strategies of national badmintion players

Contact person: Katharina Zwingmann

Duration: June 2016 – May 2017

Sponsor: Federal Institute for Sport Science (BISp)



Cognitive training 


Age on the Move