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Professur Sportmedizin/-biologie


Below you will find a collection of frequently asked questions and answers related to the courses and tests the Chair of sports medicine / biology.

The professor and staff are not obliged their documents to the courses to put online. Nevertheless, you will find documents of individual courses in OPAL .

A complete script with all the content of the course will be provided only rarely prepared.

But hints for further reading for follow-up and preparing for the exam will be given in the lectures by the staff.

In the university there are pool rooms. Here all students can use computers and software for free. With a storage medium (eg, USB drive, external hard drive, etc.), you can copy the contents developed on the used PC in the pool room and transferred to the laptop of the professor or employee. For a small fee of printing documents is also possible in the pool room.

In the catalog of the courses time and space of the current semester are given. If no other date will be announced by the professors or staff, the courses start in the first semester place as scheduled.

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