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Professorship of Research Methodology and Data Analyses
Master‘s and Bachelor‘s Theses

Master´s and Bachelor´s Theses

At the Junior Professorship of Research Methodology and Data Analysis, Master´s and Bachelor´s theses are offered and supervised on a regular basis. Own ideas can be submitted. The topics should come from the area of human movement science, sports sociology or research methodology. In exceptional cases, project work can be supervised (sports engineering).

Please consider a sufficient amount of time for contacting the supervisor. We offer an extensive portion of support and we expect high motivation and structured work of the supervised student. More information can be found in the guidelines for the development of bachelor´s and master´s theses (in German).

More information about finding a topic, own ideas and offered topics will be given by the staff of the Junior Professorship.

Available topics can be found on the German sites under the following link.

It is possible to write theses in English. Please contact Dr. Christian Maiwald to discuss this possibility.

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Portrait: Prof. Dr. Christian Maiwald
Prof. Dr. Christian Maiwald
Professorship of Research Methodology and Data Analyses
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