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Professorship of Research Methodology and Data Analyses


Our primary research interests concern basic research of long-term data analysis, preferably cyclical human movement and industrial projects like objectification of subjective survey methods.

To develop new scientific findings relating to sport, we integrate classical analysis methods of time series and quantitative methods with qualitative methods (methodological triangulation).

Research projects

Basic research

  • Long-term data analysis with regard to human variability including cyclical movements for example in running or cycling (detailed information about long-term data analysis in running available at: running)
  • Reliability tests of cyclical movements

Industrial projects

  • Ergonomics in industrial manufacturing, taking into account ageing (in cooperation with the Institute of Conveying Technology at the Technische Universität Chemnitz)
  • Research approaches to the objectification of subjective survey methods (especially in the area of perceived comfort)

Social research

  • Fan-Athlete-relationship in competitive sports from the athlete's perspective
  • Survey of graduates about the transition from studying to working life (in the fields of sports and human movement sciences)

Teaching and learning research

  • Development of teaching and learning arrangements in the domain of research-based learning (cooperation project with TU Bergakademie Freiberg and Lehrpraxis im Transfer)
  • Interdisciplinary and inter-university cooperation to conceive, implement and evaluate methods and topics in courses of research-based learning