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Professorship of Human Locomotion
Professorship of Human Locomotion

Division of fascia/connective tissue in biomechanics


10.10.2016 - Welcome!

In future, informations about 'fascia/connective tissues in biomechanics' will be published on this site. Furthermore, our major research interests, current publications, workshops and contact details are displayed.

Best wishes,
the division of connective tissues (TU Chemnitz)


About us

Research Assistants
  • Dr. Freddy Sichting
  • Nicolai Kram (M.Sc.)

External colleagues

  • René Schrader (M.Sc.)


  • Florian Ebrecht (B.Sc.)
  • Alexander Kett (B.Sc.)
  • Markus Koch (B.Sc.)
  • Heidi Hauser (B.Sc.)
  • Sven Wörner (B.Sc.)
  • Biomechanical characterization of connective tissues of the lower limb
  • The importance of biomechanical parameters of the lower limb for people in their daily and sporting environment
  • Identifying of connective tissue types and their importance in training and therapy
  • The influence of different sports and exercise interventions on connective tissues
  • Functional relationships of connective tissues of the lower limb
  • Fascia Research Group (Universität Ulm)
  • Department of Food and Nutrition and Sport Science (Universität Göteborg)

Publications, presentations and workshops

  • Strong feet - Does running barefoot influence the connective tissues of the lower limb?
  • Training for tendons - the influence of high intensity training on the calve muscle and Achilles tendon
Peer reviewed articles
  • Schleifenbaum, S., Prietzel, T., Hädrich, C., Möbius, R., Sichting, F., & Hammer, N. (2016). Tensile properties of the hip joint ligaments are largely variable and age-dependent – An in-vitro analysis in an age range of 14–93 years. Journal of Biomechanics 49(14), 3437–3443.
  • Pieroh, P., Schneider, S., Lingslebe, U., Sichting, F., Wolfskämpf, T., Josten, C., … Steinke, H. (2016). The Stress-Strain Data of the Hip Capsule Ligaments Are Gender and Side Independent Suggesting a Smaller Contribution to Passive Stiffness. PLoS ONE 11(9), e0163306.
  • Sichting, F., Steinke, H., Wagner, M.F.-X., Fritsch, S., Hädrich, C., Hammer, N. (2015). Quantification of material slippage in the iliotibial tract when applying the partial plastination clamping technique. Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials 49, 112–117.
  • Sichting, F., Rossol, J., Soisson, O., Klima, S., Milani, T., Hammer, N., (2014). Pelvic belt effects on sacroiliac joint ligaments: a computational approach to understand therapeutic effects of pelvic belts. Pain Physician 17(1), 43–51.
  • Hammer, N., Huster, D., Fritsch, S., Hädrich, C., Koch, H., Schmidt, P., Sichting, F., Wagner, M.F.-X., Boldt, A. (2014). Do Cells Contribute to Tendon and Ligament Biomechanics? PLoS ONE 9(8), e105037.
  • Ernstberger, M., Sichting, F., Baselt, T., Hartmann, P., Aust, G., Hammer, N. (2013). Combined spectrophotometry and tensile measurements of human connective tissues: potentials and limitations. Journal of Biomedical Optics 18(6), 60506.
Conference papers
  • Schrader, R., Kram, N., Böhme, M., Sichting, F. (2016). Does an 8 week body wide foam rolling program influence the perception of the ankle?, in: Foot&Ankle Surgery. Presented at the Foot International, Berlin, Germany.
  • Sichting, F. (2015). The Influence Of Plantar Fascia And Achilles Tendon Load On Human Heel Pad Deformation: An In-vitro Investigation. 4th International Fascia Research Congress. Washington D.C., USA.
  • Sichting, F. (2015). Zur funktionellen Verbindung von Achillessehne, Plantarfaszie und Fersenfettpolster: Eine in-vitro Studie. 9. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Biomechanik. Bonn, Germany.
  • Kram, N., Schrader, R., Schuffenhauer, D., Böhme, M., Rudelt, P., Schindler, C., Sichting, F. (2015). Reaktionen der Plantarfaszie auf eine medial wirkende Druckpunktmassage, in: Abstractband. Presented at the 9. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Biomechanik, Bonn, Germany.
  • Ebrecht, F., Kram, N., Schrader, R., Sichting, F. (2015). Auswirkung einer dynamisch zyklischen Belastung der Plantarfaszie auf deren Morphologie - eine Pilotstudie, in: Abstractband. Presented at the 9. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Biomechanik, Bonn, Germany.
  • SZ-Online: Verfilzt noch mal, http://www.sz-online.de/ratgeber/verfilzt-noch-mal-3417353.html
  • Fitte Faszien sorgen selbst im Alter für mehr Beweglichkeit, 2016. Freie Presse.
  • samedo.de, 2016. Fitte Faszien: Für mehr Beweglichkeit im Alter sorgen. Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.
  • Congress report: IV. International Fascia Research Congress (Deutsche Zeitschrift für Sportmedizin, Dossier in Heft 2/2016)
  • F. Sichting: The functional importance of the fascia (footpower specialist seminar, Gießen)
  • N. Kram, R. Schrader: Training with foam rolls (workshop for coaches of the "Deutscher Skiverband (DSV)", Chemnitz)
  • Sichting, F.: Challenges towards biomechanical testing of myofascial chains (Fascia Research Summer School, Leipzig)
  • N. Kram, R. Schrader: Trainability of fascia in theory and practice (2-days-workshop at the education center of the Thuringian police)
  • R. Schrader, N. Kram: Usage of foam rolls for training and regeneration (workshops at the olympic base of Chemnitz-Zwickau)
  • N. Kram: Training with foam rolls - theory and practical use (workshops at the health days of the Thuringian Ministry of Finance)