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Equality and Family
Equality at the TU Chemnitz

Equality at the TU Chemnitz

Overview of the organizational structure of gender equality at TU Chemnitz

Equality is an essential part for the overall orientation and profile building of the TU Chemnitz. The rector and the rector’s office understand equality work as a central management task which further strengthens the TU Chemnitz in the area of equality. By creating an infrastructure tailored to this task, situations regarding gender equality and the reconciliation of studying, working and having family responsibilities can be improved.

The areas of equality, reconciliation of work, family as well as the advancement of women at the TU Chemnitz are managed by the Equality Equality Commissioner, who is elected according to the Saxon University Freedom Law, and by the Women’s Representative, who is appointed according to the Saxon Women’s Promotion Law.

The Equality Commission, which is managed by the Central Equality Commissioner, includes the equality commissioners of the faculties and central institutions, the Women’s Representative as well as student representatives. With regards to the transparency of the work done by the Equality Commission, the "Equality Agenda 2014" as well as the protocols containing what was discussed during these segments, are open to the public and can be accessed at the equality homepage of the TU Chemnitz.

The Centre for Equal Opportunities in Science and Research was established in 2009 and is managed by the Central Equality Commissioner and the Women’s Representative. All competencies of, and events concerned with equality come together at this centre. A variety of information, services and counselling services on the topic of equal opportunities as well as all projects by the Equality Commissioner and Women’s Representative are located here as well. There are close cooperations held with scientific career supporting institutions of the TU Chemnitz (among them, the Centre for Young Scientists, Career-Service, and International Office etc.) as well as with regional and supra-regional institutions, alliances and partners.

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