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ISINA „Best-Poster-Award“ for MINT-Female Students and Female Graduates

Announcement [de]: +++ The ISINA Symposium 2020 will not take place +++

Poster zum ISINA Best-Poster-Award 2020

Since 2016, the Chemnitz University of Technology annually hosts the nationwide ISINA „Best-Poster-Awards“ [de] award ceremony that takes place within the framework programme of the ISINA Expert Symposium. At the award ceremony, posters will be premiered that show the object of research of bachelors and masters theses as well as doctoral theses in a commonly understood manner.

Submission of posters for the Best-Poster is the 15 February 2020!

Terms and conditions to enter the competition:

  • Aloud to participate are nationwide female junior scientists, that submit a poster in German and English of their bachelors, masters, diploma or doctoral thesis in the MINT-Based fields that also includes the final grade of their work.
  • Out of all of the submitted posters, a jury will choose ten posters. The finalists agree upon to present their posters within the framework programme of the ISINA Experts Symposium and answer possible questions that may be asked by the symposium participants. During the interactive poster presentation, participants of the symposium will choose their favourite. The following criteria must be fulfilled:
    • Quality of the presentation
    • Design: proportionate parts of text, images and graphics
    • Comprehension: logical and (as well as for expert audience and non-experts) comprehensive presentation of the object of research
    • Degree of innovation
    • Interdisciplinaryät
    • Practice relevance
  • The poster is to be submitted via email as a pdf. Posters submitted via post cannot be sent back.

Should you have further questions about the Best-Poster-Award, please contact Maika Filz - maika.filz@...

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