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Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the pre-requisite knowledge expected in this course?

    Students applying to this course are expected to have fundamental knowledge in the following areas: IC design, Analog electronics (Operational Amplifiers), Digital Logic.

  2. Do I need to have German language skill to take part in this course?

    Though the mode of teaching is in English for this course. German Level A1 Certificate is required for regular admission and enrolment and German Level A2 Certificate should be submitted by the end of 3rd semester.

  3. Where can I find important dates during the semester for this program?

    Details about important dates for the semester cyle can be found at this link.

  4. Where can I find the time table for this program?

    Time table for this program can be found at this link.

  5. Where can I find details about the curriculum and exam regulations of this program?

    Details about curriculum and exam regulations related to this program can be found at this link.

  6. Who can be the supervisor of the master thesis?

    Advisor of the master thesis can be any professor from the department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (link to the professorships), but the professorship should be related to the topic of the thesis.

  7. Is there any mandatory industry internship in the master course?

    The master course itself includes enough practical components. Hence there is no mandatory industry internship included in the course.

  8. What is the optimal duration of the studies?

    The optimal duration of the studies is four semesters. It is important to maintain it, because it is not well accepted by research and industry to extend the study duration.

  9. Is the master course research or industry oriented?

    The master course includes fundamental and applied knowledge related to micro and nano systems. The graduates have possibilities to make a career both in research as well as in industry. For both, they need to fulfill the corresponding course requirements. For a research career, the results obtained during the studies should be significantly higher than the average generally reached.

  10. What is the optimal date to come to Chemnitz?

    The studies begin in October every year. The first week is dedicated to introduction to studies: "Orientation-Phase" which includes:

    • Interesting information about study requirements, study environment, location of important offices, Buildings and library.
    • Enrolment to the practicals is also carried out during the first week of the semester.
    • During second week of the course professor from each chair introduces the topics, outlines and expectations of the specific courses.
    This is why we advice enrolled students to be in Chemnitz at the first of October.
  11. How can I prepare my self to this course before coming to Chemnitz?

    Please try to train programming skills and German language for day to day communication.