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Robotics and Human Machine Interaction

Fields of reseach at the professorial chair

Cognition and intelligent manipulation

Cognition represents the intelligent linking of perception with action in robotics resulting in manipulation of various surroundings and environments. Objects are in need of being gripped, turned/twisted, felt by touch, placed/ put down or assembled. Sensitive, adaptable handling represent core qualities needed and are in the process of being developed by the professorship in combination with new algorithms.

  • Construction planning procedure
  • Collision-free path planning
  • Error robust assembly
  • Gripping and manipulating

Mechatronic Systems

To this day, walking robots still are incapable of walking perfectly stable or they are only able to ascend stairways very slowly. Only a few robots are able to balance or jump. Therefore, the professorship develops a new walking robot including new, robotic joints.

  • Non-linear robotic joints
  • Walking robots
  • Hands
  • Sensors
  • Soft robots

Human Machine Interaction

The interaction of humans and technological systems gain more and more importance/ influence in our everyday life. Focus of the professorship is the safe human-robot interaction. Safe interaction of humans and robots within shared work places, Augmented reality for HRI workplaces Human tracking and predicting behaviour.

  • Safe interaction of humans and robots within shared work places
  • Augmented reality for MRK workplaces
  • Human tracking and predicting behavior


The perception of the environment is crucial for robots to ensure safe navigation and movement. Based on new methods, like machine learning or model based approaches, the professorship teaches robots how to “see”. Additionally, robots shall be equipped with haptic sensors; therefore, new haptic sensors are in the process of being developed. Moreover, we develop proximity sensors integrated into one kind of robotic skin.

  • Segmentation
  • Object recognition
  • Tracking

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