Workshop on

Visual Place Recognition in Changing Environments


Workshop Objectives and Motivation

This full-day workshop at ICRA 2014 brings together researchers working in different fields of robotics, computer vision and machine learning to discuss novel concepts and ideas for robust vision-based place recognition in severely changing environments.


Such changes – induced e.g. by the time of day, weather or seasonal effects as well as human activity – are a ubiquitous challenge for all autonomous systems aiming at long-term operations in both indoor and outdoor settings.


The workshop features a tutorial that introduces the basic principles and the state of the art to participants without previous experiences in the field. Three invited talks and a number of contributed talks discuss the newest developments, concepts and ideas in the areas covered by the workshop topics. These topics comprise novel techniques for scene matching (both whole-image as well as feature-based), modelling and predicting systematic or repeating appearance changes, as well as learning non-changing or invariant features or exploiting semantic or prior knowledge. A further interest of the workshop are questions of collecting long-term datasets in changing indoor and outdoor environments to enable standardized benchmarks.


We see this workshop as a complement to the very successful workshops on long-term autonomy of past ICRA conferences. We concentrate on a specialized but highly relevant research topic that is among the key requirements for truly useful long-term operation of robotic systems in the real world.


Important Dates

  1.  March 24th        Submission deadline

  2.  April 4th             Notification of acceptance

  3.  April 14th           Final paper deadline

  4.  June 1st             Workshop will be held at ICRA 2014 in Hong Kong



  1.  May 21th:     The final program is online.



Original photos licensed under CC-BY by Diliff and CC-BY-SA by Filzstift